We are specialised in metal-to-ceramics vacuum tight joints and technical ceramics for a number of industries. Our current focus is vacuum technology with our vacuum insulators.

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W E   P O W E R   T H E   F U T U R E


Manufacturing of Al2O3 technical ceramics for complex applications.
Glass or ceramics to metal hermetic seals. 

We have a long tradition in developing complex standard as well as custom-made designs i.e. sintered alumina rings for vacuum technologies, brazed vacuum-tight joints, insulators, bushings, metallised ceramic parts, housings for power semiconductors, and many others.


LAPP Insulators Alumina s.r.o. is part of Alumina Redwitz Holding GmBH



Staff: 45
Contact person: Michal Rufert, CEO, mrufert@alumina.systems


We are prepared to look for the best solution in your cost reduction plans or any design requirements.

Our process engineers will provide expert solutions.

We work with renowned technical universities in the European Union.

 We will support your requirements with our 3D vision that can be turned into a printed prototype within 24 hours.


26/06/2018 13:40

Water ceramic break

Water/Liquid break Provides electrical insulation for water or LN2 cooling lines (depending on break type). Available in 1/8", 1/4", and 3/8" tube socket sizes. Please,...

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25/06/2018 10:16

New products in portofio


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05/04/2018 08:04

Change in Company Name

Just a quick line to let you know the name of the company has changed to Alumina Systems s.r.o. All company details have remained the same, i.e. its registered number, banking connections, contact...

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