alumina Al2O3 (92-99,7%); steatite (C221); cordierite (C410); and others

FeNi; Cu; Ag72Cu; AgPd5Cu26,5; MoMn; ...


hydraulic, isostatic, extrusion pressing, machining, brazing, leaktesting, metalising, chemical nickel plating, galvanic nickel plating

Alumina is characterised by its high mechanical strength, hardness, wear resistance, high insulation resistance, low dielectric losses, vacuum-tightness and chemical endurance. Alumina is used for highly stressed parts for applications in mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering, electronics, vacuum technologies, food processing industry and in the manufacture of grinding elements requiring a variety of grades. Major industrial applications: specials, rings, bushings, wire drawing dies, tubes, gauges, brazed joint metal-ceramic parts.

Steatite with its excellent mechanical and electrical properties such as strength and electric insulation resistance is suitable for applications in electrical engineering and manufacture of metallised ceramics. Major industrial applications: specials, tubes, plates, bushings, coils, supports, ceramic capillary tubes 

Cordierite is highly resistant to thermal shock, has a low thermal expansion, provides excellent insulation properties in high relative humidity conditions and is highly resistant to aggressive substances. Major industrial applications: power switch components, regulating rheostat components, catalyst substrates

Tab. for ceramics :

Oxide ceramics based on Al2O3
Steatite and cordieritte ceramics







09/10/2017 13:43

Vzdělávání zaměstnanců společnosti prostřednictvím dotace v rámci Operačního programu Zaměstnanost

Projekt "VZDĚLÁVÁNÍ ZAMĚSTNANCŮ FIRMY LAPP INSULATORS ALUMINA S.R.O." je spolufinancován Evropskou unií. Cílem projektu je zvýšit odbornost jednotlivých pracovníků, čehož bude dosaženo získáním či...

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17/07/2016 12:46

Brochure update for 2016

We will provide you with latest technologies - such as 3D printing of ceramic parts, parts for vacuum systems and signal processing. lapp-insulators-alumina-flyer-2016-eng.pdf (1,7...

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17/07/2016 12:32

New products for vacuum technology

We are in contact with technical institutes and universities within the EU and provide them with vacuum technology solutions - high purity materials and high stress - temperature,...

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18/04/2015 11:44

Vacuum-tight products based on ceramic housing

We supply ceramic substrates, vacuum-tight products, housings for semiconductors, vacuum insulators, breaks, housings We are based in the Czech Republic, 100 km east of Prague.

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22/09/2014 16:13

Feedthrough - NW63CF, 5-10kV, Pins

Voltage DC:                  5-10kV Materials:                      1.4301, Kovar,...

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