We metalise high purity technical ceramics.

We supply customer designed Al2O3 ceramic housings and parts for power semiconductors, T&D, medical instruments, vacuum insulators where metal to ceramic joints of exceptional strength and hermeticity are required.


- alumina/corundum and steatite constructional ceramic parts - e.g. probes, plates, rings, tubes, carriers, etc.

- ceramic components for high vacuum transmission and electric signal transmission (signal, gas and motion feedthrough) 

 - ceramic vacuum components for X-ray tubes

-  accurate and precision mouldings for ceramic brazing, incl. engineering design and implementation

- power semiconductor housings

- bushings 

- ceramic insulators

- ceramic elements for vacuum technology

- ceramic elements for transmitting

- metallized ceramics





26/06/2018 13:40

Water ceramic break

Water/Liquid break Provides electrical insulation for water or LN2 cooling lines (depending on break type). Available in 1/8", 1/4", and 3/8" tube socket sizes. Please,...

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25/06/2018 10:16

New products in portofio


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05/04/2018 08:04

Change in Company Name

Just a quick line to let you know the name of the company has changed to Alumina Systems s.r.o. All company details have remained the same, i.e. its registered number, banking connections, contact...

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